Julie Kilminster

Hello, my name is Julie, I am an artist based in Leicester (UK) and a studio holder at Two Queens https://2queens.com/

I trained in Fine Art at De Montfort University for my BA, followed by Byam Shaw School of Art for my Postgraduate Diploma where I graduated with a Pass in 2009.

My recent work is very personal and autobiographical; I draw inspiration from my experiences of mental illness and of the subsequent journey of self discovery that it has lead me to. I am Schizophrenic in remission, and have a few other psychological illnesses which I manage very well. I became unwell in 2011, since then I have gone on a huge journey of self discovery, although it has been challenging at times, it has been extremely rewarding.

I have decided that throughout December 2020, I will be putting some of my more recent work up for sale at a discounted price for anyone who might be interested in making a purchase. The works that I am selling have been featured in exhibitions over the last couple of years. I will also be selling some postcards which I made using my own photographs for anyone who would like smaller scale work.

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“I know the pieces fit” - Diptych – photographs printed on puzzle pieces – 37cm x 48.5cm


These images are framed and fitted with mirror plates for easy hanging. They were shown as part of the New Walk Museum and Gallery “Open 30” exhibition in December 2019 and listed at £200 for the pair. For December 2020 I have reduced the price to £100 for the pair, postage to be discussed if required (UK mainland only).

me with i know the pieces fit dec 2019

“I know the pieces fit” was created during 2019 as part of a body of work addressing my worries and anxieties around dating and relationships. In this diptych I was trying to explore my relationship with my worries using the ideas of the internal vs the external, and a piecing together of things using talking therapy in order to produce a bigger picture. I aim to use this in my overall healing journey. I also wanted to explore the idea of self-portraiture, the idea of feeling exposed via over-sharing and the idea of exploring my identity as I heal and grow – these themes have influenced my work moving forward throughout 2020 where, due to COVID and my status as an at risk patient, I have largely worked from home making videos for YouTube.

worry time worry loop

“Worry Time” (above) – A3 framed photographic print - £20


“Worry Loop” (below) – A3  framed photographic print - £20

“Worry Time” and “Worry Loop” were originally produced as small scale sculptural pieces, however they also shifted into the pictured photographic work and an installation piece. The three different forms that this work took on were featured in three different exhibitions in 2019 **.  I am only selling the two A3 photographs pictured above – the sculptural versions of this work will at some point be being destroyed in order to create new work so watch this space. The framed photographs are £20 each – postage to be discussed if necessary.


** (Two Queens Members Show 2019 - https://2queens.com/exhibitions/two-queens-members-show-2019 - “Worry Room” at Two Queeens - https://2queens.com/exhibitions/worry-room - “Uncertainty and the Unknown” at The Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham - https://www.institutemh.org.uk/about/art-at-the-institute/previous-exhibitions/542-uncertainty-and-the-unknown-2019-summer-open-exhibition-launches-2 my work for this exhibition featured on the cover of a medical journal - https://res.mdpi.com/data/covers/healthcare/big_cover-healthcare-v7-i2.png )